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About our Assessment & Analysis Programs for Year 6

Aubrey Renno, Creator.

During my teaching career I taught all year groups including many Y6 classes and led English and Maths in a number of different schools. Like so many Y6 teachers, I used past SATs test papers to help pupils prepare for the KS2 SATs and to identify gaps in their understanding.

To help identify the gaps in pupils’ understanding more easily, I created some simple colour-coded gap analysis worksheets in Excel. These worksheets showed which questions pupils had answered correctly or incorrectly. Although this information was very useful, it seemed very limited.

Following retirement in 2016, I decided to use my extensive experience of teaching to improve upon my gap analysis worksheets and create a range of programs that would provide really comprehensive analysis to help busy teachers.

During the two years it took to develop the programs, views about how the programs could be improved were sought from many friends and colleagues, who included Headteachers, Deputy-Headteachers, Lead Teachers and Year 6 Teachers. Following these discussions, additional features were added and these together with my own extensive knowledge of teaching have made these programs possibly the most comprehensive Assessment and Analysis programs ever created for Y6 teachers.

I am grateful to all my teaching colleagues and friends and for their invaluable advice and help with developing the Assessment and Analysis programs and especially to my friend Sandra for her support with the programming.

Aubrey Renno   

3Rs Education