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Assessment and Analysis Programs for Year 6

Our Assessment and Analysis Programs have been created to support teachers who use past SATs papers to prepare their pupils for Y6 SATs. Entering pupils’ details and data from practice SATs test papers is quick and easy using the purpose designed entry screens and automatically generates a range of performance and gap analyses from both an individual pupil perspective as well as a whole class perspective, which can be interpreted at a glance and printed at the press of a button.

In our opinion these Analysis Programs are the most comprehensive Analysis Programs ever created for helping Year 6 teachers prepare pupils for SATs and are also a fantastic tool for School Leaders. The programs will save teachers hours, if not days of work! But don’t take our word for it – download our FREE Maths, Reading and SPaG full working programs and instruction book below and see for yourself. The introduction video on this page also gives a clear overview of what our programs do ……


Using the program is as simple as 1 2 3…

1 On the ‘Data File Worksheet’ click on the ‘Load Data Entry Form’ button and then enter each pupil’s personal details.

Data File Worksheet (click to enlarge):Data file worksheet of KS2 SATs analysis program

2 On the ‘Gap Analysis Worksheet’ click on the ‘Launch Data Entry’ button and then the ‘Next Empty Record’ button and use the drop-down menus to enter the pupil’s test scores.

Gap Analysis Worksheet (click to enlarge):
Gap analysis of KS2 SATs program

3 Once pupils’ data and test responses have been entered, all the Y6 analysis and assessment sheets will be automatically produced and includes:

Gap Analysis Worksheet (click to enlarge)
Gap analysis of KS2 SATs program
Pupil Results Worksheet (click to enlarge)
KS2 SATs analysis pupil results worksheet
Analysis Worksheet (click to enlarge)KS2 SATs analysis worksheet

Now download the FREE Assessment and Analysis Programs and Instruction book on this page …

… or click the button below to buy Programs for any of the other Maths, Reading or SpaG SATs papers for the incredibly low price of £19.99 each.